1. Nastasja, enjoy your new telescope! You will enjoy it. I only started a couple of years ago to get my son into appreciating the night sky.I just remember when we were able to find our first DSO , RIng Nebula it was really amazing. Of course there is no color, but the adventure of being able to find it was incredible!

      Great books are Nightwatch and Turn Left at Orion.

  1. Allan, outstanding job on going above and beyond in supporting Bob’s dreams to reach for the stars. He’ll now be able to spend many more hours exploring the extremities of our universe from the comfort of his home. Good luck Bob!

    Can we call this a “TELUSscope”? 🙂

  2. Outstanding!!! Bob, I wish you all the success in the world (and outerspace) to find your dream in our “final frontier”. I love your passion, drive and commitment – something we all need more of as we strive for our own personal dreams. Great remote technology. Good luck!

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